« We're looking for that link that unites us all, a link that goes back to the very beginnings of humanity.
Rediscovering it means invoking the relationship our ancestors may have had with living things: respect for nature, for the other beings that populate the world, and intelligence with regard to the use of resources. »

                     Yasmine is an interior designer trained at the École Nationale Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD); Mehdi is a civil engineer graduated from the Université de Bretagne Sud in Lorient (UBS).

                      The couple draws its inspiration from Tunisian craft traditions, which reflect the cultural diversity and know-how that have enriched the country throughout its history.
Some techniques date back to the Neolithic period and represent a collective, ancestral knowledge shared by all peoples: they seem to constitute the very essence of what makes us human.

                     Their entire approach consists in invoking this link, which speaks of the relationship that man has maintained with living things and nature for millennia. Their creative vision embodies this in an organic minimalism in which the material, its qualities as much as its imperfections, are given pride of place.
It was through the development of a family business handed down by Yasmine's father: tinja, that they laid the foundations for a commitment to craftsmen and creating a collaborative operating system with them.
Throughout Tunisia, they collaborate with a network of specialized artisans who act as satellites in their respective regions. At the heart of this network is their workshop, where all experiments and designs are centralized.

                     In 2023, these years of expertise enabled them to take things a step further by creating Altin, their new project for creating and publishing contemporary handcrafted pieces.
In addition to continuing their support for traditions that often struggle to survive, this is an opportunity for them to further assert their creativity and bring to life more ambitious pieces
in both design and aesthetic.